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Windfoil Assagai

Windfoil Assagai

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From Beginner to Winner. 
The Zulu Assagai was designed to offer you a foil that can be used to learn on and compete with. A versitile foil that has a wing and fuselage combination for every condition. Designed by experienced foil experts and thouroughly tested in a variety of conditions. Manufactured from the best materials and craftmanship available. All foils are upgradeable by adding different wing/stab and fuselage combinations.

Designer Martin Love from Atomic Surf (Melbourne Australia) has put foward a innovative foil design that offers a combination of stability, speed and ease of use.

Manufactured in Cape Town South Africa the Zulu Assagai is made from the best materials available. Each foil is treated as a individual project which offers perfect fitment and consistancy.

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