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Zulu Dual Profile G10 Quad by Andrea Rosati

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Finally you will be riding exactly the same fins that Andrea has on his boards during his countless epic sessions.

The first thing that you want from a board it is the SPEED but TOTAL CONTROL. The FINS play a fundamental role and those who understand that , they will be repaid from some MAGICAL PERFORMANCES.
REACTION and REFLEX are the key words. The fins are the extension of your rigg and body and they have to react as quick as possible, in order to give you the best feeling ever on those magic turns and create pure speed projection during your bottom turns.


From more than 35 years of windsurfing experience, 13 years on designing fins and countless hours of testing, we produced the best ever wave fins that the market have ever seen.
Those fins have an unique design with a double profile that it is the key part of those magic performances together with a unique flex. Incredible GRIP which allows RADICAL turn with 0 cavitation…..ALWAYS IN CONTROL!!